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My Dior Style Wedding Dress

By maire_adm | 11th September 2023

“Maire made me my wedding dress – and I was absolutely delighted with the finished result. I wanted a non-traditional dress – it was short, suit-like and very much in the mould of The Deck, Dior, Chanel. She also made my mother’s trouser suit and it was perfect. Beautiful tailoring. We showed her ideas and

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Tailoring Perfection

By maire_adm | 3rd July 2023

Tailoring Perfection Maire Forkin’s Expertise is fitting her Irish, UK and US clients to Suit Their Figure for Wedding Guests and Special Occasions with Luxurious Fabrics and Striking Clean Cut Designs. The expertise of a skilled tailor is invaluable. Maire Forkin, renowned for her exceptional talent, specializes in fitting clients to suit their specific body

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Why Investment Clothing is Worth the Cost

By Alysha | 11th June 2023

There are many areas of life where being frugal is reasonable. Clothing, however, is one area where it pays off to spend a little extra. Why is investment clothing worth the cost? Simply put: your clothing gets a lot of use.

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Are you wearing styles that flatter your shape?

By maire_adm | 9th June 2023

We all deserve to look and feel our best in the clothes we wear. One of the keys to achieving this is dressing to suit your body shape. Understanding your unique figure and selecting styles that enhance your best features can make a significant difference in how you perceive yourself. We will explore here the

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Why I choose a career in Fashion Design?

By maire_adm | 21st February 2023

Why I choose a career in Fashion Design? I knew very early on that I was destined for a life in Fashion. On reflection, I had never considered any other career. As far back as I can recall, I can remember spending time drawing little images of dresses and coats. I really enjoyed restyling these

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Ireland’s largest Wedding event

By maire_adm | 23rd January 2023

The Bride of the Year Show is taking place on the 28th & 29th of January at the RDS.  This is Ireland’s largest, most exciting and diverse Wedding event. If you’re recently engaged and at the beginning of your wedding planning journey or even further down the line of the planning phase, the Bride of the Year Show provides

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Dress trends to rule the 2023 wedding boom

By maire_adm | 13th October 2022

Dress trends to rule the 2023 wedding boom As 2023 wedding season hits, Maire Forkin is anticipating a greater-than-ever demand for bridal, wedding guest, and mother of the bride dresses. The pandemic caused the postponement of weddings for over two years now. Experts predict that there is an impending wedding boom like no other in

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Irish Twin Sisters Lead the Way In Fashion

By maire_adm | 25th August 2022

Irish Sisters Lead the Way In Fashion Maire and twin sister Therese mix work and play quite often, sharing plenty of laughs and light teasing of one another throughout the workday. At Maire Forkin Designs, these two empowering women do it all with grace, poise, and a little fun. Maire Forkin, the designer of the two, has

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The Process of Making a Custom Gown

By Devon Fenesy | 20th June 2022

The Process of Making a Custom Gown Not all of us are lucky enough to have a Fairy Godmother make a custom gown for our special occasion. For as long as weddings have been around, custom gowns have piqued the interest of want-to-be princesses worldwide. While still exclusive and highly time-consuming, a custom dress is

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How To Dress to Best Suit Your Body

By maire_adm | 20th June 2022

How To Dress to Best Suit Your Body The human body is unique and often chastised. The “perfect” body has been a topic of discussion for centuries, yet that ideal figure changes every decade. Because of the ever-changing supreme body, women are left feeling insecure and uncomfortable in their physique. The fashion industry is often

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