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The Process of Making a Custom Gown

By Devon Fenesy | 20th June 2022

The Process of Making a Custom Gown Not all of us are lucky enough to have a Fairy Godmother make a custom gown for our special occasion. For as long as weddings have been around, custom gowns have piqued the interest of want-to-be princesses worldwide. While still exclusive and highly time-consuming, a custom dress is

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How To Dress to Best Suit Your Body

By maire_adm | 20th June 2022

How To Dress to Best Suit Your Body The human body is unique and often chastised. The “perfect” body has been a topic of discussion for centuries, yet that ideal figure changes every decade. Because of the ever-changing supreme body, women are left feeling insecure and uncomfortable in their physique. The fashion industry is often

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The Little Black Dress

By Alysha | 17th June 2022

Fashion’s best friend is the little black dress. It’s as classic as a clothing garment gets, and such a general concept that it can be applied time and again to fresh designs. A little black dress can be any style, any fit, any shape. The sole purpose of it is to highlight a woman’s singular beauty without detracting attention from her natural features.

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Fashion Versus Style

By maire_adm | 2nd June 2022

Fashion and style are deemed interchangeable when describing the world of clothing. However, they are often misconstrued. Tan France, fashion expert and star of Queer Eye on Netflix, says that “there is an overlap between style and fashion, but a good rule of thumb is that style relates to the individual, while fashion is more

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A Great Wedding Boom is Happening

By maire_adm | 31st May 2022

We are experiencing a wedding boom in 2022 like never before. This is due primarily to the number of ceremonies that were cancelled or postponed since the beginning of Covid 19. This is now coming to fruition after two years. As we get into spring and later summer, wedding season will be in full swing

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How Designer Maire Forkin Found Her Niche

By Alysha | 23rd February 2022

From as early as she can remember, Maire has always loved to draw, paint, and make her own clothes. She has always been driven by her creative passions. As early as the age of 16 she appeared in a local newspaper sporting her own small collection. She later qualified with a degree in Fashion Design

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Futuristic Designer Wedding Dress Styles

By Alysha | 15th February 2022

The future of weddings Given the time in history that we’re living through, it should come as no surprise that future brides are becoming more open to trying new gown styles for their big day. Maire Forkin Designs and other forward-thinking designers are embracing this new development in fashion, which allows the dress designer to

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

By maire_adm | 3rd October 2021

“Recently I had the privilege of visiting Maire Forkin at her studio to discuss making an outfit for my son’s wedding. This was the first time I had a bespoke outfit made and I can truly say it was a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Maire advised me on a style which suited my figure and

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Buying an outfit off-the-peg or getting it custom made?

By maire_adm | 9th September 2021

Buying an outfit off-the-peg or having it made is a question that we are as consumers becoming more aware of? Many women will say that they have never bought an outfit off-the-peg which they could say fits them perfectly.  Maybe the waist of the garment does not sit where the waist should be or the

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Wedding Separates by Maire Forkin

By maire_adm | 4th August 2021

Wedding Separates by Maire Forkin  As the number of people permitted to attend weddings will rise to 100 after 5th August, wedding parties have welcomed this decision. Many couples rearranged their weddings several times over the past year and a half. But it is now expected that weddings are going to make a huge comeback

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