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Designer Custom Wedding Dresses for Mature Brides

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Custom Wedding dress for Mature bride

Timeless Elegance designer wedding dresses

At Maire Forkin Designs, we believe that every bride deserves to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day. This is why we specialize in designing made to measure bespoke wedding dresses for the mature bride. We understand that no two brides are alike.

This is why we take pride in our ability to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the ladies getting married for the second time. Whether it’s a desire for modesty, a preference for classic silhouettes, or a bold statement with contemporary flair, we are dedicated to creating wedding gowns that reflect each bride’s unique identity and style.

Consultation for you Bespoke Wedding Gown

The initial consultation is an opportunity to get a strong sense of the bride’s style preference, and individual taste. At our first meeting we sit and listen to the client to get a good understanding of what they have in mind. We then suggest the client tries on mock garments (toiles) to identify what silhouettes best suits and flatters her figure.  This we believe is the single most important step of the design process in getting the shape, style and fit that is perfect for our client.  And we know it all about enhancing a person’s strong points and creating an edgy, feminine yet understated design. Once this is achieved, we know that the bride will be fully confident and comfortable on her wedding day. If she looks and feel her best she will exude happiness and stand tall.

We agree the overall design and have chosen the fabric and colour. We then discuss specific styling details and we make a special personalised garment pattern for the bride’s exact measurements and proportions. A sketch is then drawn for our client of the wedding dress along with fabric swatches and the overall design.

Wedding Dresses can be investment pieces

Our bespoke wedding dresses are investment pieces. In most cases they are designed so that they can be worn again on other occasions and in different ways. Sharp tailoring and sleek silhouettes are great options with bespoke orders for wedding wear. And we have ladies who opt for a full length hourglass skirt and matching top. And to enhance her figure.   Not all mature brides want the ivory colour wedding dresses. Some of our brides want the more contemporary chic trouser. And not all brides want to wear white.  They have been through it once before and being a bit more mature know what they do and do not want….

So we make many wedding dresses and wedding outfits in ice blue, soft pink, sage and on some occasions. Brides also have opted for deeper colours such as French navy and burgundy. What we often here from the older bride is that they like a wedding outfit with an “nod to bridal”, rather than the traditional dress.

Our commitment is to quality, creativity, and innovation. We ensure that every bride who walks through our door’s leaves feeling confident. They want to look beautiful and truly radiant on her wedding day. From our emphasis on structure and shape to our signature style of creative pattern cutting and luxurious embellishments, each Maire Forkin design is a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication.

Wedding gowns with modern twist

At Maire Forkin Designs, we believe in designing bespoke wedding dresses that stand the test of time.  These wedding gowns incorporate modern touches that reflect the bride’s unique personality. They are classical designs with a twist. Our designs prioritize style and shape, ensuring that each uniquely made dress flatters and enhances the bride’s figure in all the right places.

From creative pattern cutting to skilful sculpting and artful use of luxury fabrics and embellishments, every detail is carefully curated to achieve a look of understated sophistication and refined elegance”.  Irish Times

What the Modern Brides is looking for?

In response to the evolving preferences of modern brides, we offer a range of versatile options. This includes elegant two-piece ensembles and knee-length dresses which we can enhance with exquisite crystal embellishments. Our made-to-measure service ensures a perfect fit, allowing brides to move with confidence and grace on their special day. Additionally, many of our clients choose to have their dresses dyed in different colours post-wedding. This further extends their wearability and versatility. We also give advice on the total look of the outfit for the bride, for example, on the head piece, and footwear.

Contact Maire Forkin Designs

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey towards finding the perfect wedding dress that embraces elegance. A wedding dress that celebrates your individuality, and captures the essence of your unique love story.

For more information on bespoke wedding dresses by Maire Forkin or to Book A Consultation speak with Maire on 086 1721563 or Contact Us.