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Custom Made Wedding Dresses

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Custom Made Wedding Dresses by Top Irish Designer

Discover our exquisite “made to measure” wedding dresses, designed and tailored to perfection. As a skilled tailor and designer, Maire has been creating contemporary wedding gowns for over two decades for her UK and Irish clients. Her expertise lies in listening to clients and understanding what suits them best. Her designs are characterised by creative pattern cutting, skillful sculpting, and artful jeweling, each piece having a unique identity. — The Irish Times

During the initial consultation, you will try on toiles or mock garments, allowing us to assess how different styles and shapes complement your body. This helps you see how various silhouettes work on your figure, a process our clients find very useful. Maire will consider your body shape, neckline, sleeve, and hem lengths to create a design that flatters your unique features. Our designs feature distinct shapes, asymmetrical lines, and an origami-inspired style, crafted to complement various body types.

“Maire’s exquisite wedding dresses exude opulence while retaining an understated elegance that is sure to turn heads on your big day. It’s about getting it just right,” Maire says. “It must have the perfect style, an exceptional fit, and a harmonious balance of embellishments.” — The Irish Times

Diverse and Elegant Wedding Dresses

At a time when stylish women are embracing their individuality, Maire Forkin Designs creates stunning wedding creations for contemporary brides seeking something different—a dress with an edge! Many brides opt for full-length hourglass skirts paired with matching tops to enhance their figures. Mature brides often seek contemporary alternatives, such as chic trousers and non-traditional colors like ice blue, soft pink, sage, French navy, and burgundy. These clients often prefer outfits that nod to bridal tradition without strictly adhering to it.

We ensure every bride leaves our boutique feeling confident and radiant. Our designs emphasize structure, shape, and luxurious embellishments, making each piece a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication.

What Modern Brides Are Looking For?

To meet the evolving preferences of modern brides, we offer versatile options, including elegant two-piece ensembles and knee-length dresses with exquisite crystal embellishments. Our made-to-measure service guarantees a perfect fit, allowing brides to move with confidence and grace. Additionally, many clients choose to dye their dresses post-wedding, extending their wearability and versatility. We also provide comprehensive styling advice, from headpieces to footwear, to complete the bridal look.

Contact Maire Forkin Designs

Begin your journey toward finding the perfect wedding dress by scheduling a consultation with Maire Forkin Designs. Celebrate your individuality and unique love story with a dress that embodies elegance. For more information on our bespoke wedding dresses or to book a consultation, contact Maire at 086 1721563.