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Are you dressing to suit your body shape?

Dressing to suit your body shape? Do you clothes fit you properly? 
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Are Custom Made Dresses the thing of the future?

Are Custom Made Dresses the thing of the Future? Over the past number of months we have seen more coverage
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Mother of the Bride Winter dresses

Mother of the bride Winter Weddings Weddings are a big occasion in Ireland and
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Designer Dresses

Designer Dresses Dublin Maire Forkin makes Designer Dresses to fit her clients figure in a range of different styles, lengths
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Megan Markle & the Sharp Suit!

Megan Markle setting the way in a Sharp Suit! Megan Markle and the Sharp Suit has paved the way for
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Have you been looking for a Custom Made Designer Dresses?

Custom Made Designer Dresses Have you been looking for a custom made dress? Chic and contemporary designer dresses created for
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Glitz & The New Year’s Eve Wedding Dress

New Year’s Eve Wedding Dresses¬† Many brides are hosting their wedding day on the biggest party night of the year.
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Winter Coats or Dress Coat for your 2019 Wardrobe?

Designer Winter Coats by Maire Forkin This is the season for wearing winter coats has certainly arrived. When we think
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Following Fashion Trends?

Following Fashion Trends! “I am often asked how much emphasis I place on following the latest fashion trends. In answering
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Christmas Dresses Designed For Your Shape!

Custom made Christmas Dresses Christmas dresses in bright shades of reds, purples and deep blues are everywhere in the high