November 13, 2023 6:22 pm

Embracing Your Fashion Style

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Fashion Stylist & Designer

Ladies Creative Fashion Designer & Stylist Maire Forkin has been providing her clients with high-end classical designs for over 20 years. Maire has a great love for fashion, but her real passion is creating luxurious looks for women to embrace their personal style to make them look and feel their best for their special occasions.

Maire worked for several years in London in pattern cutting & tailoring to Saville row tailors as well as fashion design to the High Street multiples. She went on to work for Catherine Walker designer to the royals, most notably Lady Diana, princess of Wales.

In Maire’s early years of fashion, she found a missing market for women who needed more upscale contemporary pieces customizable to their bodies. She found that if you take each client’s requirements and work out what would look best on their shape, style becomes almost an easy feat.

Her forte is creating the silhouette that best suits her client’s figure. She has blended her classic designs with more structured futuristic elements to keep them fashionable and stay in style. She brings couture off the runway and into your closet, unlike so many designers.

Her clients have the option of choosing from her exclusive collection. Alternatively, Maire will design a new style for them while staying true to her brand. Her clients can choose any colour and alter any structure to make a quintessential stylish piece that will never go out. One of Maire’s favourite quotes that she applies to her work ethic comes from Yves Saint Laurent, a pillar in French fashion: “fashions fade, but style is eternal.” Marie has reinvigorated style for the last decade, combining traditional silhouettes with exciting patterns and cuts to bring in her personal techniques.

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