September 11, 2023 8:38 pm

My Dior Style Wedding Dress

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Dior Style Wedding Dress by Maire Forkin Designs

Dior Style Wedding Dress

“Maire made me my wedding dress – and I was absolutely delighted with the finished result. I wanted a non-traditional dress – it was short, suit-like and very much in the mould of The Deck, Dior, Chanel.

She also made my mother’s trouser suit and it was perfect. Beautiful tailoring. We showed her ideas and she sketched it all out making it work for us individually. Marie fulfilled what we were looking for and more.

We also really enjoyed working with Marie – she is gracious, fun, charismatic – we built up a great relationship throughout the process. It was important to me that I could re-wear the dress in the future. Maire made it so well I’m looking forward to the next occasion that it can be worn. I would fully recommend Marie for a bride that is looking for something modern and fresh.”