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2018 Fashion Predictions and Styling

I enjoy designing a well-cut fit dress, top and skirt, trousers or coats for my clients that are both chic, and timeless.  A well-cut garment needs to be made in a good quality fabric which does not crease and is tailored to fit the customer’s figure and silhouette. It needs also to be made in a style suitable the client's specific body shape. So for those you want a well-tailored outfit, most of my designs are structured, sculpted and well-shaped with asymmetrical style lines, which work really well to enhance the figure.  

Indeed, there are as many women out there as there are body shapes, with no two women having the same shape. Very few women, in fact, are a standard size, with many women finding it quite difficult to get an outfit to fit them correctly. In designing my collection, therefore, I keep these points in mind. 


Fashion 2018 Predictions

The fashion predictions for 2018 collections which will hit our high streets will present strong spring/summer palette with a wide range of energetic colours balanced by high pastel tones and a solid base of dark shades. For the autumn/winter, we will see ‘Shades of blue’ with its range proximity expanding from the coolest of cools to the deepest of depths. Icy blues giving the feelings of serenity and quietness to the darkest of blues and greys to produce a sense of aloofness and deep thought. Counteracting the intense blues are shades Hazy bluish-grays add a soothing touch to modern style and light grey, all concluding in fluctuating emotions induced by tones and tints of the same family. Dark browns and pinks are also going to be included in great variety.

Shapes and styles trends are pointing very much at our arms! We know that the last few seasons focus has been on our shoulders, but from next winter on, our attention will move on to sleeves,  that will become pretty elaborate, with peculiar weaves, inserts of multiple materials and accessories, even slits and geometric construction.  

 The Fashion Collection 2018

In creating my fashion collection, I adopt a flavour of forthcoming style-trends, in some cases by simply introducing an element in the overall design silhouette, or perhaps by including an accent of the style. So I am careful to capture the overall look and feel without taking on the total look, as I want my outfits to be in style and still retain a timeless look and feel.  So balance is key in achieving this! 

 I have captured this mix of colours for 2018 in my use of good solid base colours complemented with prints and secondary supporting colours. I have introduced the greys and elements of the pink tones which are included in predictions and incorporated additional chic and quirky sleeve details.  

Once again this year, I have sourced some very exclusive fabric lines for the 2018 collection which include coats weights, tops and dresses and trousers as well as innovative complementary prints styles with a mix of vibrant colours. I will mix and match prints to incorporate highlights and tonal effects to the garments. I have also fabrics with oiled finishes in medium weight wools which work well along side base fabrics and prints.


Print Designs for 2018 Collection 

Print especially, digital prints has become a big fashion favourite over the past few years and it will be very much part of Spring/Summer 2018, trending right across the board from summer dresses to skirts, trousers and costs. Prints will be included across different weights of base fabrics such as Crepe Satin, Double Crepe, Crepe de Chine, Chiffon, Georgette and silk in varying degrees.

And we look at some of the strongest trend setters, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Alberta Ferretti and Chanel taking to the catwalk in London and Paris paving the way for the rest of us.  

Inspired by the shows and the trends we have seen emerging on and off the runways for the past year, a number of top print themes were identified for the Spring / Summer 2018 time frame. We can expect to see intense hues of the tropical rain forest used in a number of ways, with the introduction of tropical birds, leaves from the vibrant colours of the forest floor to the warm oranges, sunshine yellow and spicy colours of the tropical summer afternoons. So expect to see palm trees, novelty fruits and again we will see animal prints. Other abstract creations will be inspired by Bauhaus and traditional African tribal art which will make bold and mixed up statements.

Primary Palettes with stripes in a primary colour palette is the another option. The cobalt colour trend dominates in this category as does yellow. Again a sleek and often bold look with outfits that are half white and half black detail ranging from dots to checks, and can be a very sophisticated look if not too overbearing.

Across the board, pistachio is an emerging colour trend for 2018 with bright pops including canary yellow, orange, red, and rust. Also, we can expect to see a lot of earthy and autumnal vibes to this creative and colourful trend.

So the mix of colours and atmosphere will bring will bring with it a lot of scope for both variety and the opportunity to be adventurous in design creation.

 As my preferred option, I have created my print designs to introduce Tropical forest flavours which, when used along-side base colour fabric becomes more of an enhancer rather than the total look to my 2018 collection. The print will provide that injection of colour and atmosphere which compliments the overall fabric base colour. It will be used as trimmings or introduced in the lining to provide a flash of vibrant colour for example.


Bespoke Tailoring: What is it anyway?

Bespoke Tailoring is a fine art, where clothing is traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch for the customer. It differs from ready-to-wear which is factory made in finished condition and made in standardised sizes. It also varies from made to measure which is produced to order from an adjusted block pattern.

So Bespoke is a new custom made design just for the individual which is not already a part of a collection.

Why Bespoke Tailoring?

Many women will say that they have never bought an outfit off-the-peg which fits them properly. Maybe the waist of the garment does not sit where the waist should be or the sleeves are always too short. Or things just don't sit right because they are made to a standard cut

But, is this not understandable when we consider that no woman is the same shape?

Many women find as they get a little older they want clothes that are more durable, well made clothes that are flattering and well cut.  Or they want an outfit that is made to suit their style and silhouette, an outfit that they will not see on anyone else anywhere. Perhaps they just want the finest traditional craftsmanship that money can buy. And, there are the women who feel sidelined by mainstream designer fashion, where sizes often stop at a size 14.

One of the biggest concerns for women is their tummy, so it is important to conceal and flatter. With bespoke tailoring you can create illusions of being slimmer, taller, curvier and create the outfit which best flatters the silhouette.










A pattern is drafted to the client’s specific measurement and style. This is made up initially in a cotton or similar fabric to try on the customer. Ajustments are made to attain the desired look before the fabric is cut. Other additional adjustments may need to be made before the garment is given to finally completed.


Independent News Paper Fashion Supplement 18th February 2017


I spoke with Bairbre Power of the Independant News Paper on the Personalised Service I offer My Client

 Advise I offer women when clients arrive into my salon, seeking an Mother Of The Bride outfit?

During the first consultation with each client, I keep an open mind and let their style and personality dictate to me what the best style, silhouette and colours are for their individual taste and requirements. I try different silhouettes on the client to establish which is the most suitable to their body shape and best flatters their figure. 

I then advise the client on the different ways they can wear the outfit to make it more versatile. I also provide them with advice on the total look to complete their outfit, for example, headpieces, shoe and accessories, as I feel it is important to provide this information to complete the total look.
 What silhouettes and colours I recommend for SS17?

After attending the Fashion Forecast at Premier Vision in Paris, I learned that the Spring / Summer 2017 takes Fashion back to the drawing board, re-defining a confident look with exaggerated lines.  They are promising we will all love this new asymmetrical trend. I have played with this asymmetrical trend throughout my collection, introducing asymmetrical hymn lines, shoulder lines and asymmetrical peplums.

Also, the fashion obsession with the shoulder continues, manifesting itself with strategically placed cut-outs for maximum impact. I have played on this feature in my new collection with cut-outs on shoulders, introducing off the shoulder style with a difference.
I have a wide range of new spring summer 2017 colours available. Customer can choose from shades, which are currently featured as the top ten spring summer colours on the catwalk.

Keeping in mind the Irish completions, I have also selected the most complementary shades from the Pantone 2017 wedding colours. It ranges from colours that are bright and vivid to those that convey a sense of earthiness. The most popular colours this season are fuschia pink, deep purple, blush and aqua, to name a few. Also primrose yellow, a brave colour, but a very fresh colour, is a must, and especially flattering if you have an slight olive skin tone.

 My Mother of the Bride vision apart from other designers?

I provide an individual service, which is personalised to each client. I am a fashion designer and a tailor and provide a made to measure service for each person, which porivde them with the opportunity to select from a wide range of styles, fabric and colours. 

I understand that the Mother of the Bride and guest at wedding want a modern and chic look and an outfit, which is age appropriate. I therefore design timeless investment and versatile pieces, which may be worn on many other occasions.

 Tips I would like to share from your experience in the business?

If you ask any women what percentage of her wardrobe she wears, you may be surprised to learn that the average women does not wear 20 percent of what she has in her wardrobe. I have learned that what women really need is a few investment creative pieces, which they can mix and match, quality garments, which stand the test of time.

Also, a well-fitted garment is most important, certainly as important, as style and colour. A women wears a well-fitted garment with both ease and confidence.




New 2017 Collection

2017 Collection shown at the RDS Fashion Show.  These tailored ouffits are made to measure and are availalbe in a vairiety of fabrics and fabrics.