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Cut And Style

Style and Cut are all important when you are looking for the perfect chic outfit that will make you look your most flattering. Be it the perfect coat-length, the dress or skirt length or the comfortable and flattering sleve length, there are all important considerations when looking for a top quality well fitting outfit. 
Ladies looking for an outfit for a wedding, a Mother of the Bride or Groom outfit or wedding guest want to have an outfit that they can be confident wearing. Furthermore, they want the dress or two-piece that they can wear again on many other occasions.
How many times have we spent money on an outfit we wear only once, and the rest of the time is sits in the wardrobe idle?  Did you ever stop to think why we have not worn it on a second or a third occasion? 
Maire provides a made to measure service where the client will have an outfit that fits perfectly, an outfit to suit each individual's style and silhouette, and which can be made in a wide range of fabrics and colours. 
Her collection is available for viewing by appointment at her studio in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2.


The Consultation


Dublin based ladies fashion designer and  tailor, Maire Forkin, offers a made to measure service with excellent quality, fit and finish.  Her timeless investment pieces are great value for money. Maire provides her customers with an exclusive range of luxury fabrics which are available in a wide range of colours.

She creates bespoke outfits made to best flatter the clients particular silhouette and taste.  Her style is underpinned by creative pattern cutting, skillful sculpting and artful use of jewellery, and has an identity all of its own that she describes as “clean, chic and contemporary”. 

Maire meets with her clients at her studio in Fitzwilliam Square in Dublin for an initial consultation, which is followed by one or two subsequent fittings before the garment is completed.  At the consultation she discusses the shapes, styles and fabric choice which best suits the client’s requirements.  Different  silhouettes  are tried to identify the most flattering style, structure and fits before a final decision is made and a personal pattern constructed for the client.

The lead in time for an outfit to be completed is approximately six to eight weeks, although this may vary depending on the time of the year.

Her collection is available for viewing by appointment at her studio in Fitzwilliam square, Dublin 2.


Dress To Impress

​​​​​Wear chic, contemporary Designer Clothing with great styling and exceptional fit makes you stand out from the crowd, and gives you the confidence and comfort you get from knowing that an outfit looks and feels really great on you!

For your special occasions, an outfit should have good style, class, a be a perfect fit. Each person has their unique style, taste and of course shape, so we need to be able to cater for that. Many of the fabrics used in our Fashion Collections are made to specification.

Clients like good quality fabrics, some with have a wool and lurex finish which we supply in a range of different colours. They particularly like the fact that they have a varied range of colours they can choose from. Some may wish to wear a specific colour! Mother's of the Bride or Groom are very often looking for a colour which compliments outfits worn by the wedding party. Maire


The Consultation 

 It is a great time of the year,  as I meet new clients, and welcome back existing ones!

Many of my clients know generally what they are looking for, and want to look and feel very special wearing the outfit I am make for them. As some of my customers have said, "they want to be the best version of themselves that they can be". And this is what I strive to achieve for them!
My clients are looking for an excellent cut and finish with the use of good quality fabrics and embellishments. They want a contemporary,  yet timeless outfit they can wear again on many occasions.
As part of my service, I offer a consultation, where I advise my clients on the best style for they shape and silhouette, and I offer a wide range of fabrics and colours.  
During the consultation, clients often find the outfit that is agreed on bears little relation to the outfit they initially thought would suit them. Some are surprised to discover that a different shape neck-line or a dress shape suits them, and ladies that did not like wearing skirts find that a tailored skirt to suit their silhouette looks very well on them. 
This is all part of discovering what styles and fits best suit the person. It is why many ladies today like to have an outfit tailor made for themselves, and ensures them that they will look their best. I enjoy working with them to achieve the best look for them!. Maire




Designer Outfit Made To Fit

It is that time of the year after the festive season and the start the New Year when couples start planning thier wedding. It is also a time when Mothers of the Bride and Mothers of the Groom start thinking about the outfit they would like to wear for this celebratory event.

Do they want to get something special which is made in a style to most flatter their figure and in a fabric and colour of their choice?

At our studio in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin we design and make outfits for the ladies who wish to have an individual style, a chic bespoke investment piece which they can wear also again on other occasions.

At the initial consolation, we discuss options with our clients to best suit their specific requirements, style and which will enhance their figures. Our forte is design and tailoring using clean, chic designs to make high quality garments with the use of elegant trimmings and embellishments as desired.

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