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Made To Measure 

"The demand for made to measure is every more important as women choose clothes that suit their shape and their individual style. We will see long red dresses, short red dresses, or perhaps a red top and culottes in the shops coming up to the Christmas Season.

But why do we finally purchase the dress or outfit for that special Christmas occasion?  Or, why do we buy an outfit for any other special occasion, a wedding or the races for example?  Is it because the length is perfect, the colour is great, or because the outfit fits us in all the right places?

Or, maybe we choose an outfit that hides our figure as we struggle to find something that looks good and feels comfortable on us. Perhaps we are petite, or very tall, or our hips are larger than our bust, or vice versa and we just cannot find something which is a good fit.

But, we have to appreciate is that we are not all tall, slim with the perfect bust, hips or silhouette.  Certainly, I am not!  So, we have to work with the height, silhouette and shape we have. And, it is quite amazing how a well-cut outfit can change the way we look and feel in clothing. Again, I know, as I design my own clothes to suit my petite silhouette. I need feel both comfortable and confident in my clothes.

I have spent many years working with women of all shapes, sizes and heights making well-cut clothing for them.  It is simply wonderful to see the transformation a well-cut outfit makes. Women can look taller, leaner or her best features accentuated.  Parts of her body she is unhappy with can be camouflaged.

I get tremendous satisfaction seeing my clients looking great and feeling confident and comfortable in the outfits made for them".  Maire Forkin


Tailor Made To Fit

I Design and Tailor-make Bespoke outfits to suit my client's silhouette and individual style for all special occasions in a wide range of fabrics and colours of their choice.  And, as we approach the Christmas Season it is no different! 
Many of my clients like to have that special outfit in their wardrobe they can wear for this festive season.  This stylish tailored top shown here has a peplum with side frill and fur trim can be worn with trousers or skirt.  This can also be made in a range of diffferent colours and fabrics.  Made with a matching skirt it looks wonderful worn as a Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom outfit.


Contemporary, Chic Mother of the Bride Outfits


Today’s contemporary Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom do not want the typical Mother of the bride outfit. 

Instead, they are looking for a clean, well cut, classic cut outfit that they feel comfortable in and can wear again on other occasions.

I design chic, contemporary fashion pieces using luxury fabrics, placing emphasis on structure and build shape into a silhouette without the use of corsetry. I dress many Mother’s of the Bride and Groom in both the UK and Ireland. I also dress ladies for the Oscars, the Races and all special occasions.

I  provide a made to order collection with bespoke designs, which can be viewed, by appointment, at my studio in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin. I also offer unique individual styling to clients who want something different.

For an appointment at my studio: 58 Fitzwilliam Square North, Dublin, Mobile 086 1721563



Coats for Special Occasions

This wool coat in lurex thread is tailor made to fit the client silhouette and style, and can be made in a number of fabrics and colours at our studio in Dublin. The fabric shown here has been designed for us in our Italian Mills, and is made in four colours. The fur trimming can be removed so that the coat can be worn on many occasions. This coat style has been a big favorite with our clients this season, with many of them wearing it with a complimentary skirt or dress in matching fabric, which we also tailor make to fit their figure. Ladies are wearing this coat to winter weddings, to the races and all special occasions. 

Many clients are opting for a mix and match look, purchasing a coat and skirt, as well as a trouser to go with their outfit. They are looking for outfits that they can wear often and which they feel comfortable in. Few want to wear what they refer to as the typical Mother of the Bride outfit. They want a chic, timeless outfit that they can wear often and which they know will not date.

In Ireland weddings are a very important occasion and women want to wear that WOW piece that they look great and feel great in. We are nowseeing many Mother of the Brides and Mothers of the Groom buying outfits which they can wear on many other occasions, so they are buying more contemporary pieces, outfits that are well tailored which they feel confident and comfortable wearing.   

Maire Forkin


Personalised Patterns

I make personalised patterns for my clients so that I get the most flattering fit to suit their silhouettes. I find making personalised patterns very rewarding! Seams perfectly contouring your body, the waist placed just so, sleeves the ideal length and not an out-of-place fold to be seen all go hand in hand with creating a personalised pattern.  You have to consider things, like, what length of skirt suits the person best, does she want short sleeves or long sleeves and what is the most flattering shape for her silhouette. And the look needs to balance and be suitable for the particular occasion. And in personalising outfits considering the colour is very important with each individual having preferences in colour and shades of colour.

It is thought that getting an outfit tailor made or customisied is very expensive, but is is now more affordable than in the past, offering people the opportunity to dress to best suit their particular style and figure.

I have worked for many years making special patterns for my customers, and love to see the final garment made up to provide them with a great fit. Indeed, ladies often look slimmer, or taller and more elegant when they are wearing an outfit that they fell good in, and which is cut well. Quality fabric is also so important to ensure that the garment remains in good condition for longer.

Designing and Tailoring are definately a skill that work hand in hand. There are fewer people making patterns on the table today as much of this is now computerised. While creating personalised patterns may be a dying art, there is no doubt that it is the perfect way to create the perfect pattern.