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Are you dressing to suit your body shape?

By maire_adm | 25th June 2019

Dressing to suit your body shape? Do you clothes fit you properly?  Are you wearing dresses that are flattering on you?  Do you put on a dress and feel really good about how you look? If you said no to a number of these questions, perhaps you need to get an understanding of your body

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Christmas Dresses Designed For Your Shape!

By maire_adm | 21st November 2018

Custom made Christmas Dresses Christmas dresses in bright shades of reds, purples and deep blues are everywhere in the high street this season. Many dresses also are made in shiny material, which can be a bit too glitzy. So it can be quiet difficult to find a dress we actually like. An understated dress with

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Fashion Designer Maire Forkin featured in Irish Times

By admin | 19th September 2018

Maire Forkin features in The Irish Times Like all good Fashion Designers and tailors, Maire Forkin’s clothes are adapted to fit and flatter a client’s figure. As we know, this is a look easily achieved in standard sizing. At €1,300-€1,800 for an outfit, Maire’s clothes are expensive, though not compared to many international designers. These