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My Dior Style Wedding Dress

By maire_adm | 11th September 2023

Dior Style Wedding Dress “Maire made me my wedding dress – and I was absolutely delighted with the finished result. I wanted a non-traditional dress – it was short, suit-like and very much in the mould of The Deck, Dior, Chanel. She also made my mother’s trouser suit and it was perfect. Beautiful tailoring. We

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Fashion Designer Maire Forkin featured in Irish Times

By admin | 19th September 2018

Maire Forkin features in The Irish Times Like all good Fashion Designers and tailors, Maire Forkin’s clothes are adapted to fit and flatter a client’s figure. As we know, this is a look easily achieved in standard sizing. At €1,300-€1,800 for an outfit, Maire’s clothes are expensive, though not compared to many international designers. These 

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Quality Well Tailored Designs

By admin | 25th June 2018

Quality Tailoring for Ladies Designer Maire Forkin prides herself on creating high quality, well-tailored designs that are both chic and classic.  Known for her emphasis on structure and building shape without corsetry into a silhouette, her origami shapes and stylines has a unique style all of its own. Maire’s forte is making any size or