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By admin | 16th May 2018

“I arrived in Maire’s studio with pictures from a magazine and a clear visualisation of the style of the wedding dress that I desired. Instantly Maire understood my vision and from that first meeting, and throughout  the entire process, I always felt that she deeply respected my design and never tried to influence me in another direction.

Each meeting was a relaxed and open discussion. Every detail was perfected and all options and processes were explained clearly to me. Although I chose the design, it was very much collaboration from the beginning. I could never have achieved such elegance and such a stunning finish without the insight, foresight and attention to detail of Maire Forkin. My dress was more popular than the bride or groom at the wedding!”

“During the process my mother often accompanied me when I met with Maire. She was so impressed and so enamoured by Maire’s patience, skill and grace when she was designing my wedding dress. She  too employed Maire to help her design her Mother of the Bride outfit. Maire treated my mother to exactly the same meticulousness and she had done for me, resulting in a stunning suit made from a very unique fabric that reflected my mother’s taste and personality perfectly.  Fiona Byrne

Our Wedding Dress Service

“We design made to measure contemporary wedding dresses for the most sophisticated brides. Both a tailor and designer I places a strong emphasis on the most flattering silhouettes for the body shape. At the initial consultation, we identify the style from the collection that best suits the client’s figure and style preferences.  Once we have identified this, changes to the fit and lengths are noted, and we then we take measurements. We can also make style modifications to the existing styles from the collection, should the customer request this. Our wedding dresses can be made in a wide range of luxury fabrics. Trimmings and jeweled embellishments are added to enhance design.Maire Forkin

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