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Full length glamour for Mother of the Bride…

By admin | 6th March 2013

So many ladies going to weddings, whether it be the more fashionable Mother  Of The Bride Or Guest at Weddings are now also wearing full length Gowns, a Dress which they know they shall wear again after the Wedding on many other occasions. They are choosing strong vivid colours making a bold statement, usually in Tailored

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The Kate Dress

By admin | 27th February 2013

I have just returned from Premier Vision in Paris, a three day Fashion Fabric Fare and Fashion Forecasting and Fashion Trends for 2013 and 2014. I found it a very successful and enjoyable show, and I was very inspired by the new colours and fabrics for 2013 / 2104. At the moment, I am designing a lot

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Maire Forkin in Social & Personal Magazine

By admin | 8th February 2013

Maire has here a few of her new Spring collection photographed this month in The Social and Personal magazine. Timeless styles here for Mother of the Bride and Guest at Wedding. Also some red carpet looks for the bride who wants her own specially designed wedding dress.

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Maire appearing at Wedding Journal Show this weekend…

By admin | 10th January 2013

I will be taking part in the Fashion Show and Exhibiting my Latest Summer Styles in the Wedding Journal Show at Citywest this weekend. The Show is for three days, Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th which is a great and welcomed change. I meet with a lot of Mothers of the Bride and Brides to

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Maire in the studio…..

By admin | 18th December 2012

Captured on camera while working in my studio in No 5 Fitzwilliam Place, designing a little collection of Investment Versatile styles for Spring Summer 2013. I always enjoy this part of the business. Actually, I like it best, and later in February, I will be travelling to Premier Vision in Paris to a Fashion Fabric

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Maire Forkin Red Beline Dress in Social & Personal

By admin | 27th November 2012

This Red Wool Dress and Poncho Type wrap as seen in Social & Personal are a very popular outfit specially for this Festive Season. They are available in three shades of Red, and the Hot Favourite this season being Ruby Red. They are also available in a wide range of other colours in both Marino Wool and

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Maire Forkin in Social & Personal and Irish Brides

By admin | 16th October 2012

Maire has featured in some Irish magazines lately and we thought we’d bring you some of the highlights. This new sculptured wool crepe dress with an asymmetrical shoulder is a hot favourite among the contemporary Mother of the Bride and guest at wedding. It is nominated buy of the month as seen in the October

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Maire speaking about her collection on TV3 and live Fashion Show

By admin | 25th September 2012

I will be speaking on Ireland AM at 9am on Friday morning 28th September, where I will be showing five outfits for guests at weddings and for the more contemporary, and stylish Mother of the Bride. Ireland AM will also be at the Wedding Journal Show at City West which is taking place this weekend, on Saturday 29th and Sunday

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Designing for Family Wedding

By admin | 13th August 2012

Having been to our own family wedding earlier this year, I am even more aware of the stress involved in getting the outfit together which you  feel totally comfortable in.  I have learned alot from this experience. I dress many ladies, many Mothers’ Of The Bride and Mothers’ of the Groom, and I have a

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Can I be of assistance?

By admin | 6th January 2012

You haven’t got a second to spare these days and you have to find an outfit for your upcoming event, or for a black tie event. The points I feel which are important to get right when purchasing these outfits are personally and which I think is the most important point is to get a

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